Why Revive?

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Our eyes are complex organs that we rely on to experience the world. After the age of 40, our eyesight begins to decline quickly and significantly. People begin to have difficulty reading, driving at night, even maintaining the right moisture level in their eyes. The significant change in eye function has to do with the complexity of the eye and the fact that all its parts make it one of the most high-energy parts of our bodies. The cells that generate energy in the body are called mitochondria, and our eyes are the most mitochondrially-dense organ we have. But because they require so much energy, they are among the first parts of our bodies to be affected by ageing in a noticeable way.

· The retina (the movie screen of the eye which sends images to the brain) ages more quickly than any other body part. · After 40, scientific studies show that cones, the color sensors, are less effective making colors less vibrant. · Rods, the motion sensors of the eye, die off after 40, resulting in only 70% of function by age 70.

This is why we created Revive—a lamp that uses precise red-light wavelengths to stimulate mitochondria, creating more energy that in turn can be used by the rods, cones, and other parts of the eye.

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Red light wavelengths gently and non-intrusively stimulate mitochondria, recharging them like a battery to improve color distinction, motion detection, and recognition of objects in low light.

Backed by Science

Several scientific studies have shown that red-light treatment positively impacts vision.

No Setup

The Revive lamp works with any standard outlet and can be placed on a nightstand, desktop, or tabletop for convenient use whenever you want a treatment session.

Precision Calibration

Revive delivers red light in narrow-band wavelengths of 670 nm, the same light length used in the scientific studies that showed benefits to vision.

Better Vision - Naturally

The Science Behind Red Light Vision Therapy

Because the eye is so complex and requires so much energy, the batteries (mitochondria) seem to wear out before age 40. Several scientific studies have looked for ways to increase mitochondrial production, and red-light therapy is one treatment that has shown invariably positive outcomes.

A study in the Journals of Gerontology asked 24 participants between ages 28 and 72 to sit in front of red light for 3 minutes every day over 2 weeks. At the end of the study, color vision improved 22% in participants over 40, showing that the cones were more active after the red-light therapy. Additionally, the participants, including some of the younger ones, had 75% improvement on the light sensitivity test, indicating that their rods were more responsive after the red-light stimulation.

Testing indicates that eyes, especially eyes over 40, benefit from even short exposure to red light.



Enhance Your Eyesight

Revive - Red Light Therapy For Better Sleep
Revive - Red Light Therapy For Better Sleep
Revive - Red Light Therapy For Better Sleep

Revive—Red Light Therapy for Improved Vision

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