What Is Clarity 40Hz?

Discover the benefits of Gamma Clarity's Light & Sound Devices, designed to elevate your well-being! Our devices are meticulously engineered to emit light and sound at an exact 40Hz frequency, mimicking the naturally occurring gamma brain waves that promote better brain health. Rigorously calibrated and tested using advanced equipment, you can trust the quality and effectiveness of our products. Shop now and experience the remarkable difference Gamma Clarity can make!

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A Light Of Hope

Clarity 40Hz Lamp


Safely promotes brain health without the need for medications or invasive procedures.

Backed by Science

Emulates the healthy gamma rhythm of the brain to help improve memory, cognitive performance, and attention.

No Setup

No complicated instructions. Just plug in the Clarity Lamp and begin your session immediately.

Precision Calibration

Scientifically engineered, the Clarity Lamp delivers light that pulses at exactly 40Hz for best results.

Light & Sound Therapy

A 40Hz Device For Everyone

Discover our comprehensive collection of Gamma Clarity products, designed to effortlessly enhance your lifestyle. Elevate your bedtime routine with our stylish desktop lamp, specifically crafted for optimal bedside use. Illuminate your home with our cutting-edge bulbs, ideal for converting any room for light therapy. For those on the move, our versatile sound kit not only offers convenience but also pairs seamlessly with a 40Hz light source for increased benefits. Don't miss out – enrich your daily life with our exceptional range of Gamma Clarity products today!



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