Why Clarity 40Hz?

A study done in 2016 uncovered a previously unknown link between gamma brain waves (a type of brainwave that oscillates between 20–50Hz) and Alzheimer’s disease. The study showed that disturbances to gamma in mice yielded an increased buildup of plaque protein between brain cells. A known key indication of Alzheimer’s is plaque protein.

Having discovered the relationship between gamma brainwaves and plaque protein, researchers exposed mice to flickering light at 40 Hz. Researchers found that this helped improve gamma and reduce the plaque buildup by increasing the production of microglia, the main immune cell of the brain.

Scientists have now continued to expand this research to humans with positive initial results. With Clarity 40Hz, this cutting edge technology is now available to provide life changing benefits for people in the comfort of their own homes.

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Clarity 40Hz Lamp


Safely promotes brain health without the need for medications or invasive procedures.

Backed by Science

Emulates the healthy gamma rhythm of the brain to help improve memory, cognitive performance, and attention.

No Setup

No complicated instructions. Just plug in the Clarity Lamp and begin your session immediately.

Precision Calibration

Scientifically engineered, the Clarity Lamp delivers light that pulses at exactly 40Hz for best results.

Light & Sound Therapy

A 40Hz Device For Everyone

We offer a full range of products to complement your lifestyle. Our desktop lamp is perfect for bedside viewing. Our new bulbs are perfect for around the house. Our sound kit is great for on the go or pairing with a 40Hz light source for added benefits



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