Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Relaxation

Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Relaxation

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  • Soothing Pure Green Light Uniquely designed to offer a calming light experience. Ideal for those sensitive to bright or harsh lighting, providing a soothing environment.
  • Science Backed Technology The Soothe lamp is the culmination of extensive research, incorporating narrow-band 520nm green LED light, recognized for its calming properties.
  • Adjustable brightness Featuring three brightness levels to cater to your preference. This ensures a minimally intrusive light source, enhancing your environment's comfort.
  • Naturally Comforting Designed to offer a natural, drug-free alternative for daily relaxation and well-being, helping you navigate your day with greater ease and comfort.
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Discover the serene ambiance of the Soothe Lamp – offering 20,000 hours of gentle green light, known for its calming effects and potential to enhance overall well-being. This versatile lamp is a perfect addition to your desk, nightstand, or tabletop, designed to blend seamlessly into your daily life with its hassle-free plug-and-play setup.

Enjoy the ease of using the Soothe Lamp with its user-friendly touch operation. This feature allows you to effortlessly turn the lamp on and off and adjust the brightness according to your personal preference. The lamp's sleek, unobtrusive design complements any interior style. With its compact size, measuring just 3.93”/100mm wide and 8.38”/213mm tall, it's an ideal fit for any space, providing convenience in setup or relocation.

Enhance your daily routine with the innovative Soothe Lamp, a contemporary approach to creating a relaxing and comfortable environment. Experience this unique addition to your space and invest in a lifestyle focused on tranquility and ease.


  • 12VDC Wall Adapter

  • LED Touch Lamp

  • Instruction Manual

Lamp Dimensions:

  • 3.93in/100mm wide
  • 8.38in/213mm tall

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