Revive - 670nm Red Light Therapy

Revive - 670nm Red Light Therapy

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  • Sleep enhancing pure red light - scientifically designed to help you fall and stay asleep, naturally without drugs or supplements
  • Science backed technology - Revive was created based on the results of numerous human clinical trials
  • Adjustable brightness - With three levels of brightness you can be sure to have the least amount of light possible while safely navigating your environment
  • Naturally supports melatonin production - enhance your body’s natural production of melatonin by eliminating blue & green light from your evening routine
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The Revive lamp provides 20,000 hours of flicker-free 670nm red-light to optimize sleep quality and improve daytime mental and physical performance. Revive plugs into any standard wall outlet and operates with convenient 360° touch control.

Simply touch the dimmer panel to turn the lamp on or off and adjust brightness. The Revive lamp can be turned on for an hour before sleep and left on overnight. For best results other light sources should be turned off while using Revive.

Revive’s sleek, understated design complements any décor and its convenient sizing at just 3.93”/100mm wide and 8.38”/213mm means it can be easily placed in the living room or den during the evening and moved to your nightstand for sleep.


  • 12VDC Wall Adapter

  • LED Touch Lamp

  • Instruction Manual

Lamp Dimensions:

  • 3.93in/100mm wide
  • 8.38in/213mm tall

Download the manual and disclaimers