Each of our Clarity 40Hz devices are designed to flicker precisely at 40Hz (40 times per second). Current research suggests that exposure to a light or sound at 40Hz (40 times per second) promotes gamma brain wave activity through the entrainment phenomenon (brainwave synchronization). This research indicates that the increase in gamma brain waves could be used as an alternative therapy for many hard-to-treat brain diseases. One of the most promising areas of interest is the use of waves to activate critical cleaning cells in the brain that could lessen beta amyloid.

Healthy individuals have reported using gamma brain waves to increase focus (brain hacking), improve meditation/relaxation, promote lucid dreams, and neuro-protection (prevention).

Recent studies have shown that amyloid plaques begin 15 to 20 years before visible Alzheimer’s symptoms. Studies have also shown that Gamma Light Therapy can reduce the amount of amyloid plaque and improve cognitive function. Clarity 40Hz devices can be a great proactive addition to your healthy brain routine. Advanced studies are currently taking place to learn more about the role of 40Hz light and sound and Azlheimer’s disease

All of our lighting devices provide the same effect. Our 40Hz Light Kit is an affordable less bright device for those wanting to experiment with the technology. We recommend using this device in a very dim lit room to receive the most benefit. Our lamp and light bulb are both much brighter than the light kit and can be used in a less dim lit room. The lamp comes with everything you need (plug and play). The light bulb requires using your own standard lamp or fixture (non-enclosed). Many customers choose to combine the light and sound devices as they have been shown to target different areas of the brain.

Many of our customers have commented that they feel like they have a “clearer mind”. There is no set time, but the average user experience tends to be around 6 weeks. A common trend for users is that users do not realize how well the device is working until they stop or take a break from using it.

We recommend that you always discuss with your doctor before adding any supplement or therapy to your routine. While no drug interactions have been known to occur, you should consult with your doctor if you have concerns regarding your medication interactions or routine changes. Clarity 40Hz devices should not be used as a replacement for medications or other prescribed treatments for Alzheimer’s patients.

This is the process in which neural oscillations adjust their frequency to match the rhythm of external stimuli such as light and sound.

Amyloid beta (sometimes called beta amyloid, or β-Amyloid, or Aβ) is a neural peptide, or a string of amino acids, that have been found to aggregate or "clump" in Alzheimer's disease. While it's not clear if amyloid beta is the cause of the disease, or perhaps a mechanism fighting it, there is a strong correlation between disease severity and the amount of amyloid beta in the brain. For this reason an enormous amount of resources have been devoted to developing human therapies designed to reduce the accumulation of amyloid beta in the brain. Some such therapies are currently undergoing supervised human clinical trials including gamma light therapy.

The "gamma" frequency is often used in the field of neuroscience and physiology to represent phenomena that occur roughly 40 times per second, or 40 Hertz (Hz). It's not known why the gamma frequency activates these cellular processes but likely represents a complex phenomena of both large-scale neuronal networks and sub-cellular interactions. This problem of scale represents one of the most exciting intersections in the field of neuroscience but unfortunately leaves many questions open about the significance of the gamma frequency. Importantly, frequencies outside of the gamma range have been shown to not produce the same effect in regards to the clearance of amyloid beta.

Some people who suffer photosensitivity or are susceptible to seizures might negatively react to gamma light and sound. We strongly encourage anyone who might be at risk to first contact their primary doctor before implementing any type of light therapy. The human eye can in general not distinguish frequencies greater than 60 Hz, which is why normal light bulbs in a house using a 60 Hz power source are not visibly bothersome. However, because the gamma frequency is significantly lower (40 Hz) and because the lights distinctly transition between the 'off' and 'on' using a square wave electrical signal, the flicker is noticeable by most people.

We do not recommend using your light for more than one hour a day. The most recent research shows a drastic reduction in amyloid beta after only one hour of light exposure, although the effect is only maintained for roughly 24 hours. The best recommendation for any therapy is to use it in moderation and to make adjustments based on how you feel. Use the kit for a period of time based on your own discretion. As with any light therapy, the 40Hz light should be the dominant light source of the room. We do not recommend using Clarity 40Hz devices in the presence of other light emitting devices, such as TV or a computer, as they emit a different frequency of light. Please download the manual for more detailed instructions as well as our disclaimer on the product(s) use. It's important to understand that the use of this product/kit is not an approved medical therapy.

Special Notes:
Light Kit: We recommend keeping the light string balled or coiled together as this produces a more intense flicker.

Lamp: We do not recommend staring directly at the Gamma Lamp as it is much brighter than our light kit. Keeping the lamp within peripheral vision is ideal.

Light Bulb: We do not recommend staring directly at the Gamma Light Bulb as it is much brighter than our light kit. Keeping the bulb within peripheral vision is ideal.

Our light kits were meant to be decorative and are extremely versatile. They are low power and do not get as warm as standard incandescent bulbs. The light string is made of a flexible wire and although the connectors are not water resistant, the light string itself will not be easily damaged if exposed to moisture. We recommend keeping the light string close together or coiled as this produces a more intense flicker. Remember, you can also use a timer with your Gamma Light Therapy Kit for your convenience. Our light kit is not intended to be used on or inside of your body.

Our lamp was designed to be placed on an end table or coffee table. We do not recommend staring directly at the Clarity Lamp as it is much brighter than our light kit. Keeping the lamp within peripheral vision is ideal. Our lamp is not intended to be used on or inside of your body.

The light bulb is compatible with standard (non-enclosed) light fixtures. We recommend using in a lamp within a few feet of the users peripheral vision.

We do not recommend using your sound device for more than one hour a day. Use while reading or listening to other music in the background. The most recent studies have found using the 40Hz audio and 40Hz light together will impact more regions of the brain.

The audio tone produced is a rapid clicking sound required to promote entrainment. This is not to be confused with 40Hz binaural beats or 40Hz bass tones.

We do not recommend using more than one 40Hz light at a time as there is no guarantee the flicker will be synchronized. The precision of our devices is +/- .05Hz.

Yes, the most recent studies have found using a 40Hz light & sound together targets more areas of the brain.

All of our devices are precisely calibrated to +/- .05Hz of 40Hz using multiple oscilloscopes. Each device is tested and verified multiple times before shipment.

Our devices are precisely calibrated and tested with multiple oscilloscopes to verify they are within +/- .05Hz of 40Hz.

For your reference, all of the current relevant studies and articles will be listed on each product page.

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We are a technology company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our focus is to provide precision products based on the most current research. We are not doctors and cannot provide any medical advice. We strongly encourage our customers to first contact their primary doctor before implementing any type of light or sound therapy.