Why Revive?

Scientifically Designed For Better Sleep

Most lights keep us awake. Even very low levels of normal light can interrupt sleep patterns. That’s why we created Revive - a lamp that uses precise red-light wavelengths to help improve sleep, enhance energy levels, and reduce morning grogginess by preventing depletion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

Quality sleep is integral to a healthy life and science has revealed that red-light wavelengths may hold an important key to aiding in quality sleep. The natural daytime light spectrum promotes energy and wakefulness in humans, while the natural evening spectrum promotes the production of melatonin. This evening spectrum, which includes red-light wavelengths, helps humans sleep and maintain natural circadian rhythms.

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Naturally Supports Melatonin Production

Enjoy A More Restful Night


Red light wavelengths gently and non-intrusively enhance sleep and improve mental and physical performance.

Backed by Science

Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated significant health and wellness benefits of red-light therapy.

No Setup

The Revive lamp plugs into any wall outlet and can be set up on a nightstand, desktop, or tabletop for convenient use where and when you need a treatment session.

Precision Calibration

Revive delivers red light in narrow-band wavelengths of 660-670nm scientifically tested for optimal effects.

Deeper Sleep - Naturally

The Science Behind Red Light Sleep Therapy

The recent discovery of red-light therapy benefits has ignited the scientific community and as a result there continue to be exciting clinical studies emerging.

In one study, red light therapy during sleep improved daytime mental acuity as demonstrated by faster response times and reduced numbers of errors on tests of memory and cognitive function.

In addition, it has been shown that elite athletes can receive an endurance edge from red-light therapy, with some researchers suggesting that the benefits of red-light therapy may be even more powerful than physical training. In one study, participants who received red light therapy for 30 minutes each night for 14 days ran an average of 12.8% longer than a control group.



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Revive - Red Light Therapy For Better Sleep
Revive - Red Light Therapy For Better Sleep
Revive - Red Light Therapy For Better Sleep

Revive - Red Light Therapy For Better Sleep

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Our desktop Soothe (Green) and Revive (Red) lamps fit easily on any nightstand so you can absorb therapeutic light waves to soothe a migraine or sleep more soundly. Our Clarity sound kit travels conveniently with you around your house or on-the-go. It is the perfect complement to our 40Hz light therapy devices for those wishing to experience the combined benefits of light and sound waves to support an active, healthy lifestyle.

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