Clarity 40Hz Lamp

Clarity 40Hz Lamp

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  • Science Backed Technology Clarity devices are designed based on the latest cutting edge science and clinical studies on 40Hz light.
  • Precision Flicker Calibration Each Gamma Clarity device is calibrated and tested on industrial oscilloscopes to ensure precise frequency and maximum efficacy.
  • Safely Promotes Brain Health Current research shows that 40Hz flickering light induces healthy gamma rhythm in the brain.
  • Plug & Play Design Everything is included to start enjoying the benefits of 40Hz Light Therapy immediately.
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Simple to use desktop lamp designed to promote Gamma brainwaves at 40Hz.

Your Gamma Clarity Lamp has been specially designed to flicker at 40Hz (40 times per second)

Every 40Hz Gamma Clarity Meditation Lamp is calibrated and passes a quality inspection before being shipped.

Note: The 40Hz Clarity light produces a flicker that is noticeable to most people. Some people who suffer photosensitivity, epilepsy or are susceptible to seizures might negatively react to gamma light. We strongly encourage anyone who might be at risk to first contact their primary doctor before implementing any type of light therapy.

Everything for use is included, LED light is built in and light bulb purchase is not required. 


  • 12VDC Wall Adapter

  • LED Touch Lamp

  • Instruction Manual

Lamp Dimensions:

  • 3.93in/100mm wide
  • 8.38in/213mm tall

Download the manual and disclaimers