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The Reason

Current research suggests that exposure to a light or sound at 40Hz (40 times per second) promotes gamma brain wave activity through the entrainment phenomenon. This research indicates that the increase in gamma brain waves could be used as an alternative therapy for many hard-to-treat brain diseases.  One of the most promising areas of interest is the use of waves to activate critical cleaning cells in the brain that could lessen beta amyloid.

Healthy individuals have also reported using gamma brain waves to increase focus(brain hacking), improve meditation/relaxation, and to promote lucid dreams.

My dad is pretty far gone with his Alzheimer’s but definitely more alert with his Gamma lights 👍


The kit has positively helped my husband who has Alzheimer’s. Previously he would not look at anyone nor communicate much. Now after only 2 weeks of 1 hr per day if his “sound and light shadow” he looks at us and interacts much more. Even gave an unsolicited high 5 and has told a few jokes! Smiles more too. Didn’t give a 5 because the sound device quite after 1 week. However you guys were great with a quick replacement. Thank you!


“My mother is at the end of her life, as she has stopped eating... but she loves these lights! She actually requested them on day 3. The lights seem to make her happy and within a few hours, she wants to talk about old times. “


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Our Commitment

40Hz light therapy represents an emerging, yet not proven, way to induce gamma brain wave activity. Therefore, the use of gamma light therapy and our product(s) is completely at the user's own risk. The research on gamma light therapy is exciting, extremely new and ever evolving.  We make no guarantees or warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, regarding the use or effectiveness of gamma light therapy or our product(s). We are committed though to delivering a high-quality product that has been guided by current research.

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