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At Gamma Light Therapy, we're committed to enhancing well-being through science-backed light and sound therapy solutions. Partnering with us means joining our mission to enhance well-being through science-backed light and sound therapy solutions. Here’s what you can expect when working with us: - Generous Commission: Earn 15% on every sale through your unique affiliate link - Exclusive Discounts: Your audience gets a 15% discount on all purchases - Extended Cookie Duration: Receive credit for purchases made within 30 days of referral - Product Demos/Samples: Get free products to authentically review and showcase Our affiliate program is designed to be mutually beneficial, offering you the tools and support needed to succeed. We’re committed to fostering a collaborative relationship and look forward to working together!

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Gamma Light Therapy LLC Affiliate Agreement

Brand Representation: Publisher’s ad copy cannot misrepresent the relationship between the Publisher and Gamma Light Therapy LLC. Ad copy must not contain misspellings, incorrect grammar, or false statements regarding discounts and coupons. It is the Publisher’s responsibility to expire deals, promotions & offers in accordance with any date restrictions on Gamma campaigns. Ad copy should always represent Gamma in a professional manner. Claims such as 'authorized wholesaler' or 'official site' can never be used in ad copy or on social media.

Coupon Code Policy: At certain times, Gamma may offer affiliates and other individual parties coupon codes for limited or unlimited discounts at These coupon codes may only be used by their respective parties and used strictly in accordance with the approval of Gamma. All use by other parties is strictly prohibited unless otherwise approved directly by Gamma or its associated affiliate managers. Any promotional ad copy for all coupon codes can only be used to direct visitors to a valid Gamma coupon code with the same promotion/discount as indicated in the originating ad copy. Any ad copy providing invalid coupon codes, invalid discount percentages, or links to a page without a valid Gamma promotion of the same nature are in violation of these terms and must be removed immediately. Gamma and its respective affiliate managers reserve the right to determine the relevancy and approval of all promotional ad copy at any time.

Cookie Policy: Gamma marketing channels follow a strict cookie policy; cookies are subject to being trumped by the last referring URL with marketing campaign tracking. Credit will only be given to the last referring channel/website at the time of conversion.

Domain Names, URLs, Profiles: Publisher websites or social media profiles must have a unique name (domai, including sub-domain, or profile name) that does not contain Gamma trademarks, or misspellings and variations. Violations include, but are not limited to -,,

Search Engine Marketing: Publishers may not bid on Gamma trademarks, misspellings or variations. Publishers may not direct link to Gamma’s website using any platform. All SEM ads are required to land on the publisher website first.

Enrollment in the Affiliate Program: First, you must submit a complete Affiliate Program Application. We will evaluate your application and notify you of your acceptance or rejection within 7 days. We may reject your application if we determine (at our sole discretion) that your site or profile is unsuitable for the Affiliate Program for any reason. Rejected applicants are welcome to reapply at any time.

Prohibited Sites/Verbiage:

Sites that promote sexually explicit material, violence, or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, or physical disability.

Sites that promote illegal activities or make medical claims regarding our products/services, e.g., the curing or recession of an ailment.

Spam and Unsolicited Communications: Affiliates agree not to utilize SPAM in promoting Gamma Light Therapy LLC. This includes emailing anyone about Gamma Light Therapy LLC who has not specifically requested the information directly from the Affiliate. Violations will result in immediate termination of the affiliate account and potential legal action. Affiliate may be held liable for any financial loss incurred by Gamma Light Therapy LLC due to SPAM activities.

PPC Bidding Rules: Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on branded/trademarked terms of Gamma Light Therapy LLC, derivatives of these terms, or broad-match based on these terms in any paid search campaigns. Affiliates are also prohibited from using Gamma Light Therapy LLC's brand name in Display URL, Title or Ad Copy

Responsibilities of Gamma Light Therapy LLC:
Gamma Light Therapy LLC will be responsible for providing all information necessary to allow you to make appropriate Links from your site to our site. We will handle order processing, payment processing, shipping, cancellations, returns, and related customer service for every order placed by a customer following a special Link from your site.

Compliance with the Agreement: Gamma Light Therapy LLC reserves the right to monitor your site at any time to determine if you are in compliance with the terms of this Agreement. We will also monitor for FTC compliance to ensure disclosures are adequately added.

Reports of Sales: You will be provided with a username and password to access a password-protected site to receive your sales statistics on a daily basis. (Shopify Collabs or

Acceptance Criteria: The affiliate approval process involves a review of key criteria: content relevant to the Gamma brand, site usability, social media presence, upkeep, and a high level of traffic.

Comparison Shopping Engines: Publishers cannot submit data feeds directly to third-party comparison shopping engines.

Pop-Up, Pop-Under, Re-Directs, and Software: Publishers may not use site redirects, pop-ups, or pop-unders that link to Gamma’s website, unless approved by the affiliate team. Malicious software downloads are strictly prohibited.

Spam and Electronic Messages: Publisher must adhere to the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, with respect to email marketing.

Unacceptable Content: Publisher may not post adult-oriented content on any page where Gamma content appears. Publisher may not post any offensive content that is in any way harmful, threatening, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.

Communication: Gamma asks that Publishers adhere closely to the terms set forth in this agreement. We are dedicated to our affiliate program and will provide support to our publishers to help them meet their financial goals. Please direct all questions to

State Tax Nexus Restrictions: Pursuant to current tax nexus laws, we unfortunately cannot accept any applicants operating sites within states where such restrictions apply. All applicants from restricted sites will be denied at this time.

Termination: At any time, the Gamma Affiliate Program management team reserves the right to reverse transactions/commissions, remove the active status of any Publisher account deemed to be in violation of the terms and conditions set forth above. Individual breach details will be promptly communicated to Publishers deemed to be in violation of these terms of service prior to any account removal.

Intellectual Property and License: Publisher is granted a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use Gamma’s creative and related intellectual property solely to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

Confidential Information: Both parties agree to treat all business and affairs information as confidential, protecting it with the same degree of care as each treats its own confidential information, and to use such information only for purposes of performing under this Agreement.

Indemnification: The Publisher agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Gamma and its affiliates from all claims arising from the Publisher's breach of this Agreement or violation of any law.

Limitation of Liability: Gamma will not be liable for indirect or consequential damages arising out of this Agreement.

Audit Rights: Gamma reserves the right to audit the Publisher’s compliance with this Agreement.

Force Majeure: Neither party is responsible for failure to fulfill obligations due to causes beyond their control.

Entire Agreement: This document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior understandings.

Severability: If any part of this Agreement is found invalid, the rest remains enforceable.