Why Soothe?

Scientifically Designed for Relaxation and Comfort

It's recognized that light can impact well-being in various ways. Research suggests that certain light wavelengths, especially those in the green spectrum, may have soothing and calming effects.

The interest in green light emerged from observations in light sensitivity. People have noticed different reactions to various light colors, with some finding green light to be more comfortable to their eyes.

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Naturally Supports Light Sensitivity

Enjoy More Comfortable Days


Illuminate the environment in soothing green wavelengths using safe, gentle light exposure. The Soothe lamp is designed for at-home use and is completely non-invasive.

Backed by Science

Numerous published, peer-reviewed scientific studies explore the calming effects of green light therapy.

No Setup

The Soothe lamp is as easy to use as any other desk or tabletop lamp. Simply plug it in to begin experiencing the benefits of green light therapy.

Precision Calibration

Engineered to emit a select narrow band of beneficial wavelengths within the green light spectrum.

A Calming Influence

The Science Behind Green Light

Research into various light frequencies, intensities, and exposure times has indicated that green light therapy can be calming and soothing. It has been observed to potentially aid in relaxation and comfort during various activities.


Green Light Therapy

Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Headache Relief
Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Headache Relief
Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Headache Relief

Soothe - Green Light Therapy

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Light & Sound Therapy

A Device For Everyone

Our desktop Soothe (Green) and Revive (Red) lamps fit easily on any nightstand so you can absorb therapeutic light waves to sleep more soundly. Our Clarity sound kit travels conveniently with you around your house or on-the-go. It is the perfect complement to our 40Hz light therapy devices for those wishing to experience the combined benefits of light and sound waves to support an active, healthy lifestyle.

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