Why Soothe?

Scientifically Designed To Ease Headaches

It’s widely accepted that light can have a triggering or worsening effect on some types of headache symptoms. Now science has uncovered that certain light wavelengths, specifically those in the green portion of the spectrum, provide pain-relieving and potentially healing benefits for headaches and possibly other health conditions.

The green light journey began when migraine patients reported noticing that their headache symptoms intensify when they look at certain colors of light, such as blue or red, while green light has the opposite effect.

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Naturally Reduce Light Sensitivity

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Bathes the brain in soothing green wavelengths using safe, gentle light exposure. The Soothe lamp is made for at-home use and is completely non-invasive.

Backed by Science

Thousands of published, peer-reviewed scientific studies support the calming and pain-reducing benefits of green light therapy.

No Setup

The Soothe lamp is as easy to use as any other desk or tabletop lamp. Simply plug it in to begin experiencing the benefits of green light therapy.

Precision Calibration

Precisely engineered to deliver a select narrow band of the most beneficial wavelengths within the green light spectrum for optimal health benefits.

Less Pain - Naturally

The Science Behind Green Light And Migraines

In clinical trials using various light frequencies, intensities, and exposure times green light therapy has produced dramatic relief of symptoms for migraine patients, with up to 60% reduction in pain intensity and frequency, shorter duration of pain, and overall improvement in the ability of participants to carry out their normal daily activities. Notably, these results are comparable to those obtained in conventional drug trials with a significant advantage in that green light therapy is remarkably safe, with no adverse effects reported to date.


Green Light Therapy

Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Headache Relief
Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Headache Relief
Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Headache Relief

Soothe - Green Light Therapy For Headache Relief

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Our desktop Soothe (Green) and Revive (Red) lamps fit easily on any nightstand so you can absorb therapeutic light waves to soothe a migraine or sleep more soundly. Our Clarity sound kit travels conveniently with you around your house or on-the-go. It is the perfect complement to our 40Hz light therapy devices for those wishing to experience the combined benefits of light and sound waves to support an active, healthy lifestyle.

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