Flickering Light And Sound Therapy May Reduce Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Flickering Light And Sound Therapy May Reduce Alzheimer’s Symptoms
As Alzheimer's disease continues to devastate millions of lives, an unlikely treatment joins the fight for a cure.  Exciting new studies from leading universities have found that exposure to 40Hz light stimuli reduces toxic brain proteins in mice. [1]  These toxins are known to lower cognitive function in diseased brains, and overcoming them can reverse the damage caused.  The latest study to be released has gone even further into the process and found that by combining both 40Hz light & sound exposure, improvements are dramatically increased [2]

Due to the simplicity of the treatment and low cost of lighting, people can now purchase light and sound devices that mimic the ones being used in the studies. http://www.gammalighttherapy.com

How Gamma 40Hz Therapy Impacts The Brain

Leading researchers have found that exposure to lights flashing at 40Hz one hour a day for four weeks, caused marked improvement on neuron degeneration. [1]  The flickering lights caused the brains to create high-frequency electrical signals known as gamma brain waves.  The increase in gamma brain activity was found to reduce toxic brain plaques.  Later testing revealed that when the 40Hz light exposure was combined with 40Hz sounds, the effected neurons increased to almost the entire brain. [2]  Improvements were seen in the parts of the brain responsible for memory and high-level processing. Similar devices are available for sale on the internet at  http://gammalighttherapy.com

Could This Be The Cure For Millions?

Researches are currently conducting Gamma 40Hz Light Therapy on mice, but studies are starting to come out that show similar results in humans. One such study has been conducted in human Alzheimer's patients that suggested exposure to 40Hz sounds had benefits such as "increased alertness, stimulate discussion, and increase interaction and awareness of surroundings." [3]

Studies continue to be published almost monthly, and it is no surprise that thousands have begun purchasing similar light and sound generators to try at home. One such company offering devices is "Gamma Light Therapy", which sells light and sound devices separately for as low as $44.99.

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